PVC Stabilizers

Barium-Zinc and Calcium-Zinc derivatives

Liquid and solid stabilizers used in extrusion, injection, calendering and plastisols, specially for semirigid and plasticized PVC. Several types, with different contents of metals, chelating agents and antioxidants, adapted to all kinds of resins, formulations, processing conditions and end use of the finished articles.


Calcium based non toxic derivatives

Solid stabilizers for rigid and plasticized compounds, for the manufacturing of pipes, fittings, cables, profiles and packaging of food and pharmaceutical products.


Lead derivatives

General purpose stabilizers for rigid and plasticized PVC. Specially used in cable sheathing , insulating tapes, pipes and profiles.


Lubricating-stabilizing complexes

Powder, flaked, prilled or granulated products, containing all the necessary additives for the correct processing of PVC.

They eliminate dust pollution and handling of numerous components, cutting down costs as well as errors.


Non metallic derivatives

Antioxidants and chelating agents used as synergistic auxiliaries with metallic based stabilizers. They allow stringent processing conditions and improve properties of finished articles.


A wide range of products for the processing of polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, polyethylene, etc.. This line includes fatty acids, fatty acids salts, amides, fatty alcohols and complex mixtures with different lubricating effects.


Designed to control viscosity of plastisols.

Foaming agents

Widely used in polyvinyl chloride, polyolefins and rubber.

Foam Catalysts

They permit regulation of working temperatures and cell uniformity in accordance with the different foaming agents employed.



Phtalic anhydride, adipic, sebasic and trimetillic acid esters of several synthetic alchohols. They are the basic plasticizers in the industry.



Polyester type compounds, specially developed to provide low volatility, low migration and excellent resistance to high temperatures and extraction by solvents, oils and greases.


Epoxidized oils

They improve stabilizer’s action against high temperatures and sunlight exposure, also enhancing migration and extraction resistance.

Processing aids

Impact and flow modifiers which contribute to enhance the processability and the mechanical properties in the extrusion and injection molding of PVC products.

Organic Phosphites

Phosphorous acid esters of phenols, alkyl-phenols and alcohols and their combinations, with a wide range of industrial applications such as synthetic rubbers, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polyester, epoxi and alkydic resins.

Metallic Stearates

Aluminum, calcium, zinc, magnesium, barium and sodium salts of stearic acid. Widely used in the plastics, paint, rubber, papers, oil, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, and printing ink industries.

Special Additives

Blends of antioxidants, lubricants and metallic stearates of wide use in the polyolefin industry.

Rubber Vulcanization Accelerators

Complete line of thiazoles, sulfenamides and ditiocarbamates.

Rubber auxiliaries

Non staining antioxidants for synthetic rubbers.

Solid antioxidants for natural and synthetic rubbers.